I got an award

WOW, I want to thank Jay at Heartbeatz Creationz and also Deb at A Little of everything for giving me this award. Thanks hunnies.

So before I pass this award on to 7 blogs, I have to name 7 things that I love.

I love:

1. My four children
2. Tim my partner and soulmate xx
3. My family
4. My friends off and on line
5. PSP of course
6. Christmas
7. and Chocolate lol

now for 7 blogs, there are so many that I pop into but some are good friends so here goes

1.Brooke @ Butterfly Blush Designs
2.Jay @ Butterfly Lounge
3.Diane @ Candys Treats
4.Vix @ Vix PSP
5.Missy @ Psp pastime
6.Michele @ Watched By Angels
7.Tracy @ Kissed by a whisper