Happy New Year

Happy New Year

This tutorial is my design if it is similar in anyway to another tutorial this is totally coincidental.

I have used a kit by Deb mini new year kit which you can get here :

I have used the artwork of Omnibunny 666 you can find it here

I have used the font - Arial Rounded MT Bold

Lets get started ,

Open a new image, 500x 400

Now open DD frame 1,

Copy and paste as new layer, then grab your raster deform tool and reduce the size of the frame.

Next you grab your magic wand tool and click inside the frame.

Add new raster layer, open paper 1 and paste into selected

Now drag you raster layer 3 under layer 2 so when you add your tube it will be behind the frame but on top of paper 1.

Open the tag click on your top layer, copy and paste the tag as a new layer and resize using your deform tool again.

Open the glass and repeat what you have done with the tag and move the glass to the left hand side of the frame.

Add a drop shadow to the glass and tag using theses settings

Vertical – 1

Horizontal – 3

Opacity – 50

Blur – 30.00

Colour – Black

If you want you can add this to the frame also.

Ok now open the journaling tag 2,

Copy and paste then resize to fit in to the the center of the frame under the ribbon

But leave it stretched out so you have room to add names,

Open partyfavor01 and copy > paste as new layer > deform tool > resize

Sit it to the left of the journaling tag 2 then duplicate and mirror so you hove one on either side.

Now go to the layer under your frame (raster layer 3 )

And add your tube of choice.

Add your copyright information and licence number if needed.

And don’t forget you watermark .

Thank you for trying my tut



Deb's Posts said...

Great job on the tut, hun and thanks for the tag. I have it up on my blog now!!