Templates 8 - 10

Here are some new templates for you all.
it has three templates in it one love one bite me and one puzzle
hope you have fun using them plz read my tou and leave a comment on downloading either here or in 4shared thx

Download : HERE

Star element

Got a bit of time on my hands and thought i would try to get a few bit
together for you all hope you like these stars

Download : HERE

All my PTU Kits

All my PTU kits are going to be free for you all i have decided not to sell any more and turn everything i have into FTU for you all
just let me know if i have forgotten any kit or scrap
once you see Download here under the image
where it used to say you can get this kit here

you know that kit is now free to use

:) :)


Friendship wordart

Here are a couple of qoutes for you all this is personal use only
but feel free to recolor/animate as you see fit.
but please do not claim as your own
hope you enjoy working with these.

you can download : HERE