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ok i have just noticed alot of my 4share links are not working anymore so please hold in there while i reload them all for yous some of my stuff is moving over to taggers Palace so just follow the link to download but dont worry its all not moving xx

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Template 14

Template 14

i have made this template exclusivily for Taggers Palace so it will only be available there,
so if you like this please go to
Taggers Palace

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new tut up for you all

i wrote this tut for you all i tryed to keep it simple

this is an original Breaking Tradition tut
if anyone has a prob please just pm me and ill be happy to help
can be animated or non
animation at the bottom of this tut

Tube of choose

I used the art work of ORKUSART you can find his work
you will need a licence to use this work

Template by Bright Shady Lady
Shady Lady

Scrapkit No Angels By Lacarolita's Designs @
Lacarolitas Designz

Animation of choose i used one by missy
there are 27 in this i used the love hearts

ok let begin open template and duplicate it hit shift and d close original

select the long rectangle layer ( the grey one ) grab your selection tool
select the rectangle and add new raster layer paste paper 1 into selected
then deselect.

repeat this using paper 5 on the right triangle

select two colours from your tube one light one dark and flood fill the
light grey and black rectangles and the centre circle.

open your tube copy and paste into the two rectangles you have added the papers too
cut the one going into the right corner add drop shadows

with your selection wand select the centre circle add new raster layer
next cut your tube across the chest and copy then paste into selected select none

add button 1 resize and move to the bottom right of the long rectangle

open star 4 copy and paste resize and move to the right side of the circle

make sure you are adding a drop shadow as you go

open your bead string copy then paste as new layer resize and move to the right top corner
of the long rectangle

oh dont forget to add your copy right info and licence number (if required)

and save now your done
if you dont want to animate if you do follow the
next few steps

open ani shop copy and paste your tag into it

open your animation edit select all now go back to your tag and
duplicate to the required amount of frame so the animation will fit

then edit select all now back to your animation copy
then go to your tag paste into selected frames place over the centre circle
then save

all done now all you have to do is add your name

for trying my tuts

Easter lay out and header

easter layout and header

feel free to add your blogs name to the header click on images to enlargen them then save


Click on image to enlarge then save to your psp files folder masks xx

BT- MSK 17