Bunch of flowers

Here is my first set of flowers for you all i hope you like them

You can download : HERE

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

This tutorial is my design if it is similar in anyway to another tutorial this is totally coincidental.

I have used a kit by Deb mini new year kit which you can get here :

I have used the artwork of Omnibunny 666 you can find it here

I have used the font - Arial Rounded MT Bold

Lets get started ,

Open a new image, 500x 400

Now open DD frame 1,

Copy and paste as new layer, then grab your raster deform tool and reduce the size of the frame.

Next you grab your magic wand tool and click inside the frame.

Add new raster layer, open paper 1 and paste into selected

Now drag you raster layer 3 under layer 2 so when you add your tube it will be behind the frame but on top of paper 1.

Open the tag click on your top layer, copy and paste the tag as a new layer and resize using your deform tool again.

Open the glass and repeat what you have done with the tag and move the glass to the left hand side of the frame.

Add a drop shadow to the glass and tag using theses settings

Vertical – 1

Horizontal – 3

Opacity – 50

Blur – 30.00

Colour – Black

If you want you can add this to the frame also.

Ok now open the journaling tag 2,

Copy and paste then resize to fit in to the the center of the frame under the ribbon

But leave it stretched out so you have room to add names,

Open partyfavor01 and copy > paste as new layer > deform tool > resize

Sit it to the left of the journaling tag 2 then duplicate and mirror so you hove one on either side.

Now go to the layer under your frame (raster layer 3 )

And add your tube of choice.

Add your copyright information and licence number if needed.

And don’t forget you watermark .

Thank you for trying my tut


Improve Reading Skills

Use these tips at home to reinforce the skills your child learns at school.

• Play word games.

Dedicate each week to mastering a specific word sound. For instance, find 10 things in your house that contain the "kuh" sound -- his coat, backpack, or clock.

• Review the ideas.

When reading with a child, stop every few pages to ask what she thinks might happen next. Asking pertinent questions when reading encourages her to pay close attention and helps her put all the pieces together.

• Build vocabulary.

Talk with your child about anything that interests him, and use a mature vocabulary. The richer the verbal environment, the less likely he will be stumped by unfamiliar words in required reading.

• Know the assignment.

Before reading, the child should understand the purpose of the task that follows. For instance, if the task is writing a book report , identify the type of report and suggest note-keeping as he reads. Don't leave the gathering of information until the end of a long reading assignment.

• Use alternate formats.

Allow your child to follow along with books on tape or let her substitute alternate chapters from a novel with CliffsNotes or other abridged material.

Avoid Holiday Havoc

At Christmas time, routine and structure go out the window. Children with ADD might have to endure traveling for long periods, sitting at the dinner table all evening, or sharing toys with other youngsters.

How to plan for these holiday side effects?

* Include/Exclude: Too many events can overstimulate. Use a priority chart to decide which occasions are most important--and which can be left behind.

* Teach Self-Control: Relaxation techniques (yoga, deep breathing) can help him stay calm in a highly charged atmosphere.

* Rehearse: Role-play a scenario that has given her trouble in the past. Solutions include going to a quiet room to regroup, or responding to rude relatives by smiling and excusing herself.

Extrodinarily Creative Woman Award

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Thank you so much to Shannon @ Memories made easy
for this award also to Deb @ A Little of everything for this award

i would like to pass this on to
1.Jay @ Butterfly Lounge
2.Diane @ Candys Treats
3.Vix @ Vix PSP
4.Missy @ Psp pastime
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Christmas papers

thought i would be extra nice to you all today and i throw together some Christmas papers for you all hope you like them :)

plz leave some love on downloading

you can download : @ Taggers Palace HERE


Here is a FTU mini scrap kit that i made for you all as it is coming up on Christmas yeap im sure you have guessed it is Christmas themed before use pls read my TOU and familiarize yourself with them please
the kit consists of :

6 papers
6 elements

please leave some love on downloading thank you xxx

you can download : @ Taggers Palace HERE

Weeks menu

Weeks menu

breakfast for the week
monday to friday = cheerios and orange juice or apple juice
saturday and sunday = cereal of his choice (as a treat) and orange juice or apple juice

Lunches for the week
monday = ham sandwiches and 2 pieces of fruit
tuesday = salad sandwiches and 2 pieces of fruit
wednesday = ham and salad sandwiches and 2 pieces of fruit
thusday = egg and onion in mayo sandwiches and 2 pieces of fruit
friday = chicken sandwiches and 2 pieces of fruit
saturday = soup and brown bread homemade
sunday = fry up -rashers sausages egg pudding beans and hash browns

monday = pasta
tuesday = chicken(fresh) and veg (fresh ) spuds
wednesday = pork and veg and spuds
thursday = home made burgers and chips
friday = beef stew
saturday = casserole chicken or beef
sunday roast chcken or beef with veg and spuds

all veg and meats are fresh nothing frozen !!

snacks = plain biscuits or cereal bar or toast

treats = ice-cream no chocolate just plain once a week a packet of sweets also no chocolate

Drinks for the weeks
monday - friday water or milk
saturday - sunday water and milk and one bottle of 500ml of 7up or orange deffo no cola at all

odd bit of juice blackcurrent with the sunday dinner

Behavioural difficulties

the dark past of learning and behavioural difficulties

In the distant past if a child did not do well at school they were often viewed in a very poor light and descibed in negative terms . they were thought to be slow, lazy sometimes labelled as "THICK"or even "NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD " or all of these things. the other unenlightened yet accepted views included putting the blame on the poor parenting. none of these 'diagnoses' helped the child.
parents were alone when dealing with their children's problem and perhaps marginalised and pitied for having an 'Idiot' child. As a parent it would have been difficult not to blame yourself and to be blamed by others At Tinsleyu house clinic the mothers i see may particularly be suffering varying degrees of guilt . they often blame themselves, wondering if it was something that they did wrong in pregnancy. however in the vast majority of cases those mothers could not have done anything more to care for their unborn child.
Fortunately those dark days of ignorance about learning difficulties are over. instead over the last twenty or thirty yrs we have seen a shift towards greater understanding and increased sympathy for children who find reading , learning and daily life so difficult clearly this is a change for the better.
not only have the attitudes changed for the better, but the government has also stepped in, and now you can expect help from the medical and educational system, this is great relief for parents and a vast improvement for the children concerned.
the main shift began when the medical establishments made attempts to diagnose and label learning difficulties and behavioural problems. their intention was to solve the child's problem. it was thought that from this starting point - figureing out what was wrong and giving it a name - the beginnings of a treatment for these problems would emerge.
The labels used are : Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) , Attention deficit disorder ADD , Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD , Autism , Tourette's syndrome.
these labels are universally used and many people find them useful, there are a number of reasons for this. the key reason is that the help and support given to a child depends upon the childs being diagnosed and labelled by the education and medical systems.
it also helps parents. to have a name for what is wrong gives them a sense that they know what the problem is and that there is a treatment for that particular condition. they feel less helpless and alone. for the child , they're probably simply grateful for the extra help and attention they receive instead of being pushed harder.
to ensure that the child receives good support from the school and so that something is done about the childs problem

responding to ADHD behaviour

Pokes and teases his sister at meal times
food is about nutrition and mealtimes are for families to get together and communicate, dont let squabbles and nit picking cause stress, we want peace, not perfection. have a few non-negotiable rules and let the rest pass

*' you can rabbit on about any topic but you can't tease, insult or abuse your sister'

*you can wriggle, swing and touch but there must be absolutely no contact with your sister or anything she owns

*if the rule is broken, there is one warning and then action - as in giving him a time out -5 minutes on the stairs (quietly and he has to ask for the alarm to be set and you dont set it till he asks and is then quiet if he starts messing or talking or making noise you tell him you are stopping the alarm till he goes quiet again and asks for the alarm to be reset and you keep doing this until he has sat quiet for the whole 5 minutes straight then you welcome him back in to the room when the alarm goes off - or sending him to bed earlier then his sister

Supplementary nutrients that can benefit people with ADD / ADHD

Supplementary nutrients that can benefit people with ADD / ADHD

Taken daily with water and eat plenty of the food sources listed below:

A personalised consultation is essential when it comes to nutrient and supplement recommendations for an individual. Please do not self prescribe and administer as this can lead to additional health problems. Dosages are dependent on individual needs.


Restrict TV, Video and DVD watching as well as computer games, as these all cause neuro-sensory overload. A maximum of 1 hour per day, preferably less and never at bedtime.

Make sure you are getting enough exercise. Choose a sport or exercise programme that suits your lifestyle or you will “give-up” quickly. Important to expel excess energy and get a good release of carbon dioxide and a good intake of oxygen. Outside in some sunshine is best. (Vitamin D & Calcium conversion)
WATER! Drink clean filtered water. Tap water can contain various chemicals that can aggravate your symptoms.
Make sure you are getting enough good quality sleep. Sleep is the time our bodies need to: digest, nourish, repair and eliminate.
Avoid (as much as possible) exposure to any obvious chemical stimuli in the environment, such as perfumes, heavy metals and cigarette smoke.

Keep a strict schedule – waking-time, work, exercise, meals, bed-time etc.

These are some of the nutritional steps

These are some of the nutritional steps I feel may improve behaviour, concentration and mood:

1. Start by removing refined sugar and food additives from your diet. Read the labels of products carefully and eliminate processed foods containing artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives. Common food additives that may cause problems are: calcium silicate, BHT, BHA, MSG (monosodium glutamate), benzoyl peroxide, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilisers, vegetable gums and food starch. Also remove caffeine (chocolate, coffee, colas) as this has also been shown to aggravate hyperactive behaviour.
Increase water intake (filtered) and eliminate carbonated fizzy cooldrinks as these contain phosphate additives linked to increased hyperkinesis (exaggerated muscle activity) as well as lowering the bodies calcium and magnesium levels.
Salicylates are naturally occurring chemicals found in certain plant foods, and have been implicated in many cases of ADD / ADHD. These are a bit trickier to eliminate from the diet. Avoid aspirin (acetyl salicylate) and medication with artificial colours + flavours, toothpastes, perfumes + perfumed creams. A low-salycilate diet is recommended rather than a no-salycilate diet, as this could make you more prone to a reaction if small amounts are ingested accidentally.
Elimination of gluten (gliadin) – the protein found in wheat products predominantly (breads, biscuits, pastas etc.) but also found in barley, rye and oats. These other 3 may be tolerated, but check by elimination.
Elimination of casein – the protein found in dairy products: milk, cheese, yoghurt – known to have an opiate effect.
Include cold water fish which contain Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential to the body and cannot be manufactured internally, so they have to be eaten. The DHA component is essential to neurological development. Tinned fish has very limited quantities (if any), so rather buy fresh fish – tuna (may contain mercury, so smaller fish are better) salmon, mackerel, snoek, herring, pilchards / sardines. A supplement may be a better option if liver function is poor or heavy metal toxicity is already a problem.
If none of the above steps influence your behaviour positively, then consider testing for allergies or intolerances, as these may be contributing to their behaviour. When allergy is contributing to ADHD symptoms, there are often associated issues such as nasal problems, excessive mucus, ear infections, tonsillitis, digestive problems, bad breath, eczema, asthma & headaches.

cut out all processed foods try to get fresh meats hun as its better for him as no additives colours etc


ADHD help

i thought i would start adding some info on adhd here every now and again as i have a son with it and i know how hard it can be to cope with so im going to try to get info out there for others in the same situation as myself.

Weekly Tip: Homework & Bedtime Routines

Routines improve kids' efficiency and daily functioning, and offer structure that helps them feel safe and secure. Want to create this environment in your home?

At homework time:

* Pick a homework spot to use on a regular basis. Keep supplies (pencils, paper, calculator) nearby.
* Enforce a consistent start time to help your child build a homework habit.
* Estimate how much time you need each nig ht for homework, dinner, and preparing for the next day. Then add another five to 10 minutes.

At bedtime:

* Have your child spend 20 minutes relaxing before bed. She can take a bath, play a quiet game, or read a book.
* Establish a simple evening routine: Get into PJs, brush teeth, and use the bathroom. You don't want to hear, "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom!" five minutes after you say goodnight.
* Develop a sweet and personal bedtime tradition that signals to your child that it's time to go to sleep.

Linked Frames

Here is a CU Frame for you all, hope you like it feel free to do as you please with it just please don't claim as your own but you are free to add it to any kits you are making whether commercial use or personal use. if you are unsure please read my TOU

Download : HERE

I got an award

WOW, I want to thank Jay at Heartbeatz Creationz and also Deb at A Little of everything for giving me this award. Thanks hunnies.

So before I pass this award on to 7 blogs, I have to name 7 things that I love.

I love:

1. My four children
2. Tim my partner and soulmate xx
3. My family
4. My friends off and on line
5. PSP of course
6. Christmas
7. and Chocolate lol

now for 7 blogs, there are so many that I pop into but some are good friends so here goes

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Woohoo i've done it

As of this morning i have joined my good friend Brooke in her store where you will be able to purchase my PTU kits and also get some fab scrap from Brooke.
I am excited about working with Brooke @ http://butterflyblushdesigns.com/store/

other products available are :

Terms of use

Breaking Tradition Terms of Use

For personal use only.
You may not resell or redistribute them or claim anything on my blog as your own.
You may recolor for your personal projects.
Do not include parts of these kits in your own distributed kits.
Scrap items and templates made by myself are for personal use.
Please do not change the filenames.
You may colour and resize then to suit your needs.
DO NOT upload to any websites like 4 shared and the like etc.

The only thing you cannot do is sell them or redistribute them in this original form as a commercial use item. You may sell them in your kits or creations . Credit or a link back to my blog http://breakingtraditionliana.blogspot.com/ would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Tutorial writers please read...
If you would like to use my scraps in your tutorials please send people to http://breakingtraditionliana.blogspot.com/

Everything on this blog is Copyright Breaking Tradition 2008.
I make my items either from scratch or with other CU items TOU obiding.
Do not claim as your own.

Thankyou for using my scrap xx

CU stuff to come xx

im starting to get the hang of things slowly but surely.
Keep an eye out here as over the next few days im going to try to throw you together some commercial use freebies.

Not sure what it will be yet but hopefully you will like it or them lol depending on how i feel and what time i get to make them for you all.

Im going to have to relook at my terms of use as well as i dont have a CU part in there so i will be adding one and could you please ensure you read this please .

Thank you xxxx

Day Dream Tut by me

Day Dream

This tutorial is my design if it is similar in anyway to another tutorial this is coincidental.

I am using the work of Barbara Jenson which you can get here


Scrapkit Vanilla mocha can be purchased here


Template by me can be got

Ok lets begin

Remember to save regularly

Open new image 500 x 500 transparent

Grab your pan tool

Open my template and copy raster 4 and paste as new layer.

Now grab your magic wand tool >select rectangle

Then open up your scrap kit and open Paper 5 copy and paste this into selected, leave selected add new layer >selections>modify>contract by 5,

Open Paper 9 and paste into selected now unselect all.

Now merge visible.

Do the same with the other rectangle you should have a rectangle in the top left and bottom right now.

(see above )

Now grab you Pan tool again and copy and paste the largest circle and paste as new layer >magic wand and select.

Open paper 13 >paste into selected unselect all,

Now add the squares place were needed,

Do the same with the circles,

Open paper 8 select the square and paste into selected repeat for second square and duplicate so you now have 3 squares, open frame 3 resize as needed and paste on top of the squares move then and resize so they fit into the widows of the frame.

(see above)

Grab magic wand and select all the little circles,

Copy and paste paper 10 into selected,

Add flowers and bows as you see fit I have used flowers 3 and 1

Now add your tube and copyright info and your done

Thank you for trying my tutorial.