Day Dream Tut by me

Day Dream

This tutorial is my design if it is similar in anyway to another tutorial this is coincidental.

I am using the work of Barbara Jenson which you can get here

Scrapkit Vanilla mocha can be purchased here

Template by me can be got

Ok lets begin

Remember to save regularly

Open new image 500 x 500 transparent

Grab your pan tool

Open my template and copy raster 4 and paste as new layer.

Now grab your magic wand tool >select rectangle

Then open up your scrap kit and open Paper 5 copy and paste this into selected, leave selected add new layer >selections>modify>contract by 5,

Open Paper 9 and paste into selected now unselect all.

Now merge visible.

Do the same with the other rectangle you should have a rectangle in the top left and bottom right now.

(see above )

Now grab you Pan tool again and copy and paste the largest circle and paste as new layer >magic wand and select.

Open paper 13 >paste into selected unselect all,

Now add the squares place were needed,

Do the same with the circles,

Open paper 8 select the square and paste into selected repeat for second square and duplicate so you now have 3 squares, open frame 3 resize as needed and paste on top of the squares move then and resize so they fit into the widows of the frame.

(see above)

Grab magic wand and select all the little circles,

Copy and paste paper 10 into selected,

Add flowers and bows as you see fit I have used flowers 3 and 1

Now add your tube and copyright info and your done

Thank you for trying my tutorial.