Don't Touch This

Don't Touch This

This tutorial is my design if it is similar in anyway to another tutorial this is totally coincidental.

I'm using the gorgeous art of Keith Garvey. You have to purchase a license to use his work. You can get one


Supplies needed:

Template 5

Font of choice

I used – Alexei copperplate itc normal

Doodles of choice

Ok lets begin

Open new image 400x400.

Copy and paste doodles of choice as new layer resize if needed, now duplicate and flip.

Open Template 5 and select the 3 smaller squares and paste them separately as new layers.

Then copy and paste rectangle position them as they are in the file.

Grab your magic wand and select the inner part of your square.

Flood fill with gradient> metal steel repeat for each section of the template.

Open tube and grab your crop tool, crop a section of the tube and paste into selected on the template do this with all three squares.

Now grab your magic wand again and select the inner part of your rectangle,

Copy and paste full tube into selected

Add your copyright and licence number (if required)

Merge visible


Now just add your name and you are done

Thank you for trying my tutorial

Liana [/center]