ADHD help

i thought i would start adding some info on adhd here every now and again as i have a son with it and i know how hard it can be to cope with so im going to try to get info out there for others in the same situation as myself.

Weekly Tip: Homework & Bedtime Routines

Routines improve kids' efficiency and daily functioning, and offer structure that helps them feel safe and secure. Want to create this environment in your home?

At homework time:

* Pick a homework spot to use on a regular basis. Keep supplies (pencils, paper, calculator) nearby.
* Enforce a consistent start time to help your child build a homework habit.
* Estimate how much time you need each nig ht for homework, dinner, and preparing for the next day. Then add another five to 10 minutes.

At bedtime:

* Have your child spend 20 minutes relaxing before bed. She can take a bath, play a quiet game, or read a book.
* Establish a simple evening routine: Get into PJs, brush teeth, and use the bathroom. You don't want to hear, "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom!" five minutes after you say goodnight.
* Develop a sweet and personal bedtime tradition that signals to your child that it's time to go to sleep.